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can help you 1) Buy more house for the money. 2) Get you into the house you wanted at a lower cost 3) or Both Are you going to miss out on this opportunity? It isn’t going to last. You could compare the current mortgage situation to a popular Television show. Just One More Case … If you’ve ever seen the show “Deal or No Deal” you’ve likely noticed how common it is for contestants to be lured into taking additional risks to see if they can get through just one more case and keep their dream of big money alive. Sometimes it works out for them and they win big. However, more times than not, the contestant pushes the envelope too far and ends up squandering a sure thing in the hopes of obtaining that alluring million-dollar prize. The same thing is happening in the mortgage industry lately as clients continue to risk a sure thing (the current mortgage rates) in the hopes of hitting the bottom of the market exactly and saving $160 a month instead of the guaranteed $150 savings that is right in front of them. This desire to catch the market at its absolute lowest point and save that extra $10 a month can backfire and cost thousands of dollars in potential savings. The truth is that none of us knows “what case will be opened up next,” and betting on the future can be a bit of a risky proposition considering the turbulent climate that surrounds us. The reason I bring this is up is because of my concern that many are missing out on the current opportunity that is before us. The turmoil in the economy has created a situation where your monthly mortgage payment can be lower AND you can get more house. To find out exactly how the numbers pencil out for you, give me a call me at 918-645-1470. Reviewing your options and knowing what your specific situation looks like will help you make the best possible decision to help you and your family.

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