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I received a phone call today from someone very excited to purchase a house in the Jenks area which they had seen on one of the “Foreclosure Information” sites. The tax records indicated the property had been assessed in 2008 at $151,000. I checked on the all the information I could find and asked what they had anticipated in their prospect at purchasing this property. They told me the foreclosure site stated the back taxes were $16,000 so that should be the price they would pay to pick up this property. Just as all the infomercials promise about buying foreclosed properties, you too can spend your money for the courses and books and go to all the sheriff sales and spend months and maybe you too can find a “steal” on a house.. Fact, this particular property had been sold at the sheriff’s sale on February 2, 2009 for the discounted price of…  $151,000. Test me. I encourage you to go ahead and do all the searching you want to check out the information on this property.  This particular property was on RealtTrac, id number 24362899.  Let me know what you find. After the full explanation, I encouraged this buyer to work with me and allow me to use my HomeFinder system to create a home search on the MLS which will send them the information on all the properties that fit their needs. It won’t matter if the house is a foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, or just plain for sale by the current owner who is living in the house. Bottom line, it is a much easier way to get into a home of your own. I’ll do the same for you when you contact me. I am sincerely at your service.

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