The purpose of this article is to explain home value estimators and estimates. This is a very important area of real estate for both buyers and sellers. Sellers want to get the highest price for their homes and buyers want to pay less. Yes, I know, you already knew that, but this is what sets the groundwork for finding a realistic estimation of the value of the home, the market value is determined by what the buyer is willing to pay versus what the seller is willing to accept. How should anyone get a realistic evaluation of a home?  What better way then to search for very similar homes in the same general location that have already been sold? One of the ways a prospective seller acquires an estimate of the value of his home is to call, write, email and/or visit the web site of a recommended real estate broker.  The broker will use the information that you provide him or her to create an expert and professional competitive market analysis that will give you a very good idea of what your home is worth to a prospective buyer in the present time frame and physical area. Most other real estate professionals will need a few days before they can complete the competitive market analysis.  I can usually get it ready for you and call you with the results in the same day!  Getting this information is very important to you; therefore it is also very important to me. The “Golden Rule” has always worked well for me. It won’t fail us now. All of my calls and emails are handled when I am not actively in the presence of a client.  This means that I feel it is rude to take my attention away from a client to answer a phone call.  If we are to work together in the future I promise to give you the same respect.  This is also the Golden Rule.

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