21 Reasons You Should NEVER EVER Go to Oklahoma
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21 Reasons You Should NEVER EVER Go to Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a flyover state, and it needs to stay that way.

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Oklahoma is simply the worst.... Here are some very convincing and entirely true reasons you should never go!

1. The landscape is so blah

Gloss Mountain, OK

2. Utterly disgusting


3. It's completely land-locked

Broken Bow Lake

4. There is nothing but podunk towns...

Oklahoma City

5. i.e. there is nothing to do

State Fair

6. There is no history or culture

Cowboy Museum

7. We hate sports

OKC Thunder

8. And we hate college rivalries


9. We have the worst sunsets

OK Sunset

10. We hate hiking...

Hiking in OK

11. ... and there are no waterfalls to hike to

Turner Falls

12. We really just hate hanging out in nature

Ham mocking

13. We don't listen to music (so there are no concerts in Oklahoma at all)


14. No one from Oklahoma does anything big/cool/important...

Carrie Underwood

15. ...No one at all (In all of history)

Will Rogers

16. The weather is super boring

OKC Tornado

17. We don't know what fun means

White Water Bay

18. There are no abandoned ghost towns to explore

Ghost Towns in Oklahoma

19. It's so flat and drab

South Mountain OK

20. We are not nice

Oklahoma Kindness

21. Once you're here, you'll probably stay

but that may not be such a bad thing...

Oklahoma Cattle Roundup

And that's why we love the little flyover state that is Oklahoma!

I just really like people and chocolate

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