Service Is Golden: Real Estate Programs to Put Seniors’ Minds at Ease

The mature years can be the best time of life – retirement has come, the kids are grown and you can enjoy the results of your hard work and smart choices with all your loved ones. And now is a good time to be a senior – the U.S. Census Bureau says that the mature population is expected to jump nearly 80 percent by the year 2025, and business is already taking note, with many programs to suit seniors’ special needs. That’s only right, since, even with all the rewards of a life well-spent, the golden years can bring unique concerns not previously encountered. The prospects of moving for the first time in years or even decades, selling a beloved family home, maintaining rental properties, and navigating related tax issues are all special considerations that call for special service. For reasons like these, the real estate industry has established a special organization to address the unique needs of this fast-growing and significant part of the American family: the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council (SAREC). SAREC has in turn established a certification program by which Realtors® of all ages are schooled in the specific interests of senior homebuyers and sellers. The “Seniors Real Estate Specialist” (SRES) designation qualifies professionals to answer the many questions on the minds of mature customers contemplating their retirement moves. SRES holders can help guide you through the complexities of selecting your next home for maximum quality of life, considering such factors as accessibility of homes (not too many stairs, high cabinets, etc.); availability of public transportation and senior services; comfort-level of climate and terrain; and much more. These Realtors® also have access to referral networks that can help put you in touch with qualified professionals and suitable housing nationwide. Your local ERA Real Estate office participates in the SRES program. Among the many other advantages provided by our trained professionals is the ERA® Sellers Security® Plan*, which offers the relief of a guaranteed sale of your current home for those who need to move into their new one in a specified time (as can often be the case with commitments to purchase a new house or deadlines to join a retirement community). Unmatched among national real estate brands, the Plan promises that “We Will Sell Your House, Or ERA Will Buy It!®”, and it’s just part of the array of methods we have to meet your unique needs. In the senior years or any other time, buying and selling homes is one of life’s most important decisions, both financially and emotionally. It shouldn’t have to be the most stressful and complex, and there are programs and professionals in place to make sure it’s the opposite. With the right Realtor®, you can be the “senior” partner in your own lifetime satisfaction and sales success. Call Wayne Barnes (SRES)  at 918-645-1470 or by email. [wpcf]

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