There was a recent segment on the Today Show highlighting a new book titled “How to Make a Fortune” by Ron Insana. I believe the video of this segment might be helpful for you in your marketing. To see what I mean, take a quick peak below. Note the video takes a few seconds to

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If you watched the entire video, you probably heard Ron Insana say now is the absolute best time to buy a home. His comments were for both buyers looking to buy their primary residences and investors looking to buy foreclosures. This is absolutely a fantastic time to buy your principal residence or investment property. You will never again see the combination of tax credits and low interest rates. What will you be saying to yourself when this opportunity is gone? And it will be gone, I assure you!! I want to remind you the tax credit expires in April. If you have a house to sell, your tax credit would be $6,500 when you buy your new home. Contact me now so we can put your house on the market for other buyers wanting to take advantage of the tax credit. The tax credit for those who haven’t owned a home in the last three years is $8,000. Are you going to take advantage of this free money?

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