Real estate has some far reaching affects that most people don’t think about. In my opinion, the economy is at a halt because there is so much fear on what is going to happen to paychecks. This really affects the housing market. I have been telling renters it is time to buy a house while the interest rates are so low. I was with a buyer recently who realized that fact and called me so they could start looking for a home they could own. They realized they could get a house with a garage and 3 bedrooms and their payment would be less, or equal to, the rent they pay for an apartment with neighbors a wall away and a parking lot where their car constantly gets dinged. There is a post on my web site about activity in the real estate market. I hope you will the information useful. Visit There is a question every home buyer should ask right now. How high do interest rates need to go before you wish you had bought a house while interest rates were lower? Call me if you are ready to buy, or sell, a house. This is also a great time to move up to a different home. Wayne Barnes – 918-645-1470. Coldwell Banker Select

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