Shred Your Documents to Prevent Identity Theft! Check this event.

Something useful… and free.

The public is invited to stop by AAA’s free paper-shredding event on Saturday, May 20 from 10 a.m. to noon on the parking lot of AAA’s headquarters office in Tulsa at 2121 E. 15th St., just west of Lewis Ave. on the north side of 15th St.

Documents will be shred on-site. There will be no need to worry about paperclips, staples or soft spirals. The machine will deal with all of those items.

Bring all materials to be shred in grocery sacks.

Meanwhile, when you consider real estate, call me with your real estate questions and when you are considering a buy or sell.

A public service announcement presented by Wayne Barnes – (918) 645-1470 Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker Select.

Dine Out on Wayne

An Invitation To Dinner

I have created a partnership where I can offer some fantastic discounts to some very nice places to dine, maybe even for that special occasion. These coupons are sent to you monthly. Take a look at the previous offerings and if you want to join in on this benefit with me, fill out the enrollment form below. Continue reading “Dine Out on Wayne”

Staging to sell your home

Staging Can Add Dollars To Your Sold Price

Have you ever heard of something known as home staging? It's all about the illusions that you want to create. You can create any type of atmosphere that you want. You will notice that it is more than just cleaning and decorating. It is truly and art form. Home staging will make your home look bigger, lighter, cleaner, and better. It will make others want to purchase your home.

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9644 E 27th St, Tulsa, OK 74129

Must See Inside – $30,000 remodel. 9644 E 27th St, Tulsa, OK 74129,











Click here for more pictures.

On your mobile device, click here for more info 9644 E 27th St, Tulsa, OK 74129. 

$30,000 in updates to kitchen and bathrooms. 

This home is in excellent condition.

Call Wayne and beat the rush. 918-645-1470 to make your appointment.


The Metro Tulsa Market – 20170209








The Tulsa market is looking good this week. 

In the last 7 days, 597 new properties have been added to the inventory and 43 properties are back on the market for a net of 640.

At the same time 485 properties have gone under contract, 39 were withdrawn from the market, 221 property listings expried which means the market rejected them and 63 others listings were released.

It seems to appear there is a net decrease in the total number of properties available in our current market by a count of  178.

If you are in the Tulsa metro area and want to buy a house I encourage you to contact me to get a real estate review. If you are ready to sell I will also show you the odds of selling your house.

Are You Aware of this Rebate?

Time to replace your range!
Click Here for more information.
Have you purchased a new gas range in the last 3 years?

Did you know you could be eligible for a rebate?

Would you object to free money?

Rebates may be available to any current or prospective residential and eligible commercial Oklahoma Natural Gas customers. Only qualified natural gas equipment purchased, installed or serviced after September 14, 2011, will be considered for a rebate. Oklahoma Natural Gas encourages each customer to review all program eligibility requirements. For natural gas ranges, only qualified ranges purchased after December 31, 2013, will be considered for a rebate.

Oklahoma Voter Registration Application

Oklahoma Voter Registration Application.

Are you new to Oklahoma, or recently reached voting age? You know the importance of the elections. I am trying to make it easy for you by giving you the form here.

Click here for more voter registration information.

You can't register online to vote in Oklahoma so download this application, print it, fill it and mail it now while you are thinking about it.

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Things to consider in a remodel project.

Pixabay Image 389262Recognize just what you want. Start by clarifying the goal of your prospective remodel. For instance, claiming, "I'd like a devoted cooking area locations for food preparation, kids's dishes, and wine storage" will certainly inform your renovation service provider a lot more than merely "I want to renovate the cooking area."

Properly assess exactly what you have. Take a good long look at your residence, with a measuring tape ready. Choose whether your desired remodelling will match, in terms of both style and physical percentages.

Do your homework and recognize the sizes and types of building products available. Using common sized lumber, closets, or even tubs will certainly save you money and lots of time. It will certainly be a whole lot easier to purchase tile by color number than looking for an evasive "greeny-blue" shade.

Don't disregard the law. Find out which jobs your local government requires you to draw a license for and also whether you will have to have the work checked to validate that it is up to code. Failing to adhere to permits will certainly risk your chances of insuring or selling your house, not to mention your family members's safety.

Be realistic regarding the possible ROI. Think about the appreciation of your home and just what features other residential properties in your area have, specifically prior to putting your property on the marketplace. It's perfectly legit to "track" property listings for your area to determine exactly how (and whether) to stay up to date with the Joneses.

Take health and wellness into consideration: your own and the health and wellness of our planet. Wherever feasible, choose upgrades that will conserve power as well as improve your residence's indoor air quality.

Pick good quality products in traditional styles. They will certainly continue to look wonderful and provide outstanding performance over the long run. They'll likewise make your house stand apart from the group for prospective buyers.

Be practical regarding your budget. Add a minimum of 15 to 20 percent to cover unexpected issues (like fixing water damages behind that shower you're replacing, possibly).

Market Information: Why This is a Good Time To List For Sale

The MarketThis is a great time to put your house on the market because at this point in time the inventory in the Tulsa area is very low. If you are ready to sell, llok at the graph and do the math. 

112 New Listings
Plus 18 back on the market makes 130 additions to the market.

85 pending 7 withdrawn, 23 expired and 13 released makes a total of 128 houses off the market. 

That is a net increase of 2 houses on the market right now.

Do you see why buyers have fewer choices? Do you see why prices seem to be increasing?

If you are thinking about selling, call me and we will put together some more specific information. There is one set of numbers you must have. Most agents don't give this set of facts. I do.

An Opportunity for Your Personal Retreat

A grand piece of property in Wyandotte, Oklahoma

Here is a short video I did while walking some ot the property.

29 acres of real estate you can use for:

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • retreat/seclusion
  • bunker

A creek runs through it – Shawnee Creek to be exact. This property is like a shiny penny. When you find it, pick it up. Don't hesitate on this decision.



  Here is a series of photographs I took while walking the property.

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