Are You Prepared For This Accident?

It’s only a matter of time. If you talk or text on your cell phone while driving, you are going to have a traffic accident.

Why am I so sure about it? Have you ever driven near someone else who is on a cell phone while driving? It is usually pretty obvious they are distracted. They usually drive more slowly than the other traffic. They usually don’t notice when the light has turned green, or worse, that it has turned yellow or red. When I am the one on the phone, that distracted driver is me!

A study recently conducted by the University of Utah discovered that if you talk while driving, you have the same reaction times and actions of a drunk driver! It doesn’t even matter if it is your hand-held phone or your hands-free mobile phone!

What are the reasons we can’t stay off the phone? If you really think about it, is that phone call really worth a traffic accident? We all think it is, until the accident has happened. Then we say, “I wasn’t paying attention! (To ourselves, of course, we wouldn’t want to admit fault, would we?)

So what is the alternative. You really can avoid this distraction. You have voicemail with the phone, just take advantage of it. If you really have to make or take the call, just pull into a parking lot or to the side of the road.

The result: When we practice the art of safe driving and the courtesy of cell phone etiquette, we just might avoid that accident that is going to ruin our day, or worse.

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