Closing Costs Explained

Closing your home should be exciting, and once you understand the process and how it works, it can be.

Here you will find a list of costs commonly associated with closing on a home. Fees may vary depending on where you live, so be sure to talk to your lender, real estate agent, and settlement company for more specific information.

All closing costs must be listed on your HUD-1 settlement form, a document that is required to be filled out prior to finalizing the purchase of your home.

What are My Closing Costs?

In addition to the sales price of the home, there are a variety of costs associated with finalizing the transaction. Click on any of these links below for more information on these costs:

· Real Estate Broker Commission/Fees

· Loan Fees – Direct Loan Costs

· Items Required by the Lender to be paid in advance (a/k/a “Prepaids”)

· Escrows/Impounds/Reserves

· Title and Closing Charges

· Recording/Government Filing Fees Other, Miscellaneous Charges

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