CyberTips Newsletter – April 2006

As your real estate consultant, my goal is to be an adviser. Here is some home buying advice.

With the variety of homes available today, buying a house can often seem like an overwhelming task. Knowing where to begin can make the process more manageable for potential homebuyers.

Focusing on three major areas – location, personal taste and budget – can help buyers narrow their search and select the best home for their needs. Commuting time, quality of schools and style of the home are all factors that can determine your satisfaction with a home. It is also important to establish what you can afford ahead of time to ensure that you are looking at homes within your price range.

Do a little research on your own to determine your personal tastes and learn more about a location that interests you, or if you are considering purchasing a new home, feel free to contact me and I can provide you with valuable information on local communities and help you determine a price range that fits your needs.

Contact me and use my free HomeFinder Service to make your house search very simple.

And a new web site to visit –

Now, here’s my monthy E-Newsletter which will provide you with Cyber Tips and Tricks along with pointers to Internet places of special interest to real estate owners, buyers, investors and related professionals.

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CYBER TRICK #1 Fly This Magic Carpet

CYBER TRICK #2 Music Magic

GREAT PLACE #1: Bird Flu Central

GREAT PLACE #2: Get Your Image Act Together


~~~~~ CYBER MAGIC TRICKS ~~~~~~~


TRICK #1 Fly This Magic Carpet

Want to get away? How about visiting the Eiffel Tower — the Millennium Wheel — the Egyptian Pyramids — or some of the beautiful places in your favorite city — or even your hometown?
This great place is the leading spot on the web for live web cams with the most comprehensive search engine of web cams from around the world. They will zip you in real time to live images of some of the world’s most interesting and unique views and events. You can search by keyword or simply browse through the categories and subcategories. You can see what is happening around the world right now — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Watch out though — this place is addictive.


TRICK #2 Music Magic


This is neat. Just create a “station” by telling these folks what kind of music you like. Shazam — any time you want, just click the station and enjoy the type of music you identified – exactly as you ordered it. No downloads – no cost – just a little ad or two along the way.
This tool is so simple it’s scary. Type in the name of one of your favorite songs or artists and quicker than you can whistle “In the Mood”, a “station” appears that plays songs that are musically similar to the song title or artist you provided.
Great service — and the price is right.


~~~~~ GREAT PLACES ~~~~~



GREAT PLACE #1 Bird Flu Central


Here’s a place to keep handy — just in case. This site provides comprehensive government-wide information on pandemic and avian influenza. In the event of a pandemic, this will be the authoritative site for U.S. government information on the pandemic.
An “Individual Planning” tab leads to directly pertinent information including checklists, fill-in sheets for family health information and emergency contact information — all to help guide your planning and preparation.
Keep this handy — and pray you won’t need to use it.


GREAT PLACE #2 Get Your Image Act Together


Do you have a an image problem? Is your photo collection spread all over your computer? You’re not alone, so the smart folks from Google came up with a neat program that will get you organized with the click of a mouse.
This free program helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your computer. The program doesn’t move or change your photos — just finds them all (even ones you forgot all about) and gets them organized (usually a heck of a lot better than you had them 🙂
With lots of other photo tools this program is a winner — and of course –the price is right.

As always, remember, referrals are the lifeblood of my business.

Who do you think of right now who may need some advice or may have a couple of questions they want answered about buying, selling or borrowing? Please have them call me at 918-645-1470, or they can send an email. There is no obligation to them, all of this is part of my services as your real estate consultant.

I hope you enjoy “Real Estate CyberTips”. If you find this information worthwhile, please forward this email to your friends and family and have them contact me to be added to my email list and receive notification of each issue.

Courtesy of:
Wayne Barnes
Broker Associate at ERA John Hausam, Realtors

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