CyberTips Newsletter – April 2009

Thank you for taking the time to read, I appreciate you.

I am going to start out with a question. If you are considering the purchase of a home, what is stopping you right now?

Let’s be honest. There was an article in the Tulsa World that mortgage interest rates are at 4.82%

There is abundant news about the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers.

Home prices in Tulsa are stable, with a slight increase being seen at these signs of spring.

I don’t know when mortgage rates are going to start rising again, but the tax credit is only good for houses bought before December 10th.

I have a firm belief in home ownership. It really doesn’t seem like the market situation could get any better. I always encourage folks to stop paying rent and build on their financial future, with the tax credit, it is a real no-brainer right now.

Who do you think of right now who is ready to buy or sell a house? Just have them contact me by phone or email and let’s get the process started.

March Quiz Winner

Question: The saguaro cactus is native only to which desert?
Answer: Sonoran Desert.

Congratulations to Margie Smith. Your name was selected at random from the correct quiz entries and you’ll receive a 2009 Entertainment Book!!

Watch for your name in a coming months… but you have to enter to win!!!

April Quiz Question

What is the longest snake known in the modern world?

Everyone who faxes, or sends a reply to this email, or calls, with the correct answer, by May 5th, will be entered into a drawing. I am going to give away a gift you can use multiple times – the 2009 Entertainment Book. It isn’t just for eating out, there are also coupons for shopping at Omaha Steak, Bed, Bath & Beyond, movie passes at discount. I like it. I hope you would also.


Now, I am pleased to begin my Real Estate CyberTips, which, in very concise form, will provide you with monthly Cyber tips and tricks along with pointers to Internet places of special interest to real estate owners, investors and related professionals.
Please click here to access the online copy of the latest issue of “Real Estate CyberTips”

Newsletter Links and Archives

Here is a summary of what is available in this month’s newsletter:

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CYBER TRICK #1 Tell Ms Word Where To Go.
CYBER TRICK #2 International Calls On The House.
GREAT PLACE #1 Make Your Own Highway Signs.
GREAT PLACE #2 Terrific Tiny Tag Topper.

~~~~~ CYBER MAGIC TRICKS ~~~~~~~


TRICK #1 Tell MS Word Where To Go


If you are a Microsoft Word user you may be getting headaches from navigating endless menus and tool bars to get things done. If so this free plug-in may be just the aspirin you’ve been looking for.
This neat tool allows you to tell Word what you want, using your own words. It frees you from having to memorize all of the menus and toolbars. You simply type in what you want and – Shazam — Word will do it.
It’s so simple there is no training required – and best of all it’s yours for the asking.


TRICK#2 International Calls On The House.


10 million people in 220 countries can’t be wrong. That’s how many use this use this money saving service to make phone calls worldwide. Their basic package allows users to make free, unlimited calls around the globe. called this “– the first service that allows you to make a call from your mobile with the same convenience for international calls as domestic.”
Interesting way to pinch pennies in these penny-pinching times.


~~~~~ GREAT PLACES ~~~~~


GREAT PLACE #1 Make Your Own Highway Signs


Want to lighten up your day – and maybe someone else’s day? If so, here’s a great place to make weird signs by injecting your own warped sense of humor.
You can make phony baloney highway signs and if you scroll down to the bottom you’ll find that you can also make many others including “error messages”, gas station signs, road construction signs, Chinese restaurant signs and office building signs.
Guess it’s a sign of the times.


GREAT PLACE #2 Terrific Tiny Tag Topper.

Want to call attention to something you think the world should notice? If so you’ve come to the right place for bringing your information to the forefront – to the top.
Here you can quickly and easily make and label a tag graphic in a variety of colors and with text of your choice. After you make your tag, you can download it to your computer or save it with a single click.
Even if you don’t need a tag today — try it out anyway and tag this great place. The day will come when a little tag will come in handy.

I hope you enjoy “Real Estate CyberTips”.

Please let me know at any time of your real estate needs and wants.

Sincerely at Your Service,
Wayne Barnes


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As always, remember, referrals are the lifeblood of my business.

Who do you think of right now who may need some advice or may have a couple of questions they want answered about buying, selling or borrowing? Please have them call me at 918-645-1470, or they can send an email. There is no obligation to them, all of this is part of my services as your real estate consultant.

I hope you enjoy “Real Estate CyberTips”. If you find this information worthwhile, please forward this email to your friends and family and have them contact me to be added to my email list and receive notification of each issue.

Courtesy of:
Wayne Barnes
Broker Associate at ERA John Hausam, Realtors

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