Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it possible to create my own search within your system rather than you doing it for me? I think there are certain things we could compromise on for other features. Such as smaller lot for good value, or older house for larger lot, etc. I don’t want to miss out on a house in the event that it didn’t fit the criteria I initially provided. Technology these days is great for the home buyer and I’d like to take advantage of the technology to be involved in the filtering of possible homes. There is a search capability on the mls for public search, but it is not as thorough as the one I have created for you. We can adjust your search to whatever detail you wish, plus, you would need to check multiple sites for the same information. I recommend the web site I created for you. 2) Is your “HomeFinder System” any different than MLS’s on any other search website such as or There are certain features I really like about both of these sites including: 1) Ariel View/Bird’s Eye View 2) Sales History, 3) Export to Excel. Etc. My HomeFinder System uses the MLS search I create for my clients. The information posted on Trulia and Zillow actually comes from the MLS. I think you will find there is quite a bit of information when you access any given property on your web site. 3) You commented that banks usually use the MLS service. How do you determine if a house is in foreclosure or simply for sale by owner? If banks normally use MLS listings than what are the listings on a or other foreclosure specialty sites? uses the same methods as Trulia and Zillow in “scraping” information from the mls. The listing on your web site won’t necessarily indicate their status, except when the public remarks state REO or HUD or short sale. One clue that works often is when the pictures of the interior show a vacant house, or if the agent has not bothered to post many pictures. However, I will be able to decipher the information provided to me as an agent and determine the ownership status. The point here is that you will get the properties on your web site whatever their status.

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