Give Yourself A Pricing Edge When Selling

A question I get asked frequently is, “How do I get the highest value when selling my home?”

Let me offer a great insider secret that you can use in the effort to get the highest dollar amount on the sale of your house.

1) Prepare a written list of your home’s features (Keyword here is “Written.”)

2) Take pictures of the best features of your home, inside and out. Put these on a cd so they will be available to potential buyers. Take outdoor pictures during the different seasons to give a full perspective of the qualities of the property. I will put them to use in the marketing materials.

When pricing your house, we will be realistic when estimating the market value and be sure it is based on recent sales, not asking prices of nearby comparable homes.

By the way, I have a quick question for you. Have you thought about moving to a larger or newer home? When you look at just how low current interest rates are, you may be surprised that you can get into a larger home but have the same payment as you have now on an older, smaller house.

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