Home Maintenance Tip – Energy Savings

Has your energy bill got you hot under the collar? The best way to reduce your air conditioning bills this summer is to reduce heat in your home.

  • Reserve heat-generating activities such as cooking, washing or drying clothes, and running the dishwasher until late evening or early morning, when it is cooler outside.
  • Install mini-blinds or solar film on your windows to cut down on the heat from the sun.
  • Switch over to compact fluorescent light bulbs – not only do they use less energy, but they produce very little heat.
  • Set the thermostat a few degrees higher – most people can be comfortable with a setting of 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit; plus, you’ll save 7 to 10 percent of your cooling costs for each degree above 78!
  • Try using a ceiling fan or portable fan to supplement your air conditioning. A fan can make you feel three to four degrees cooler and only costs pennies per hour to operate.

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