How can I find an agent to help find cheap properites? Seems like no one is interested.

What I have found in buyers who “want a deal” or “buying as cheap as possible” is they have no loyalty and they aren’t really serious.

Buying a house requires some trust on all sides of the issue. When a buyer calls but doesn’t want to “commit” to working with me, I begin to have doubts about several things. How many other agents are being used? Why are they hesitant in contacting the mortgage company, especially since I gave at least 3 to compare? How serious can they really be when they won’t go in to loan application? What do they mean by “the best deal?’ Why do they insist on ONLY foreclosures?

I have discovered that “the best deal” in real estate is really the house that fits your needs in your price range. A foreclosure is not a good deal when the appliances are missing and the walls are kicked in, and the buyer isn’t ready to do the required repairs.

My suggestion. Choose one Realtor, and stick with them. They will work hard for you when they find you are actually serious about buying a house and not just kicking the foundations. Listen to their suggestions especially the first suggestion… get pre-qualified for your loan. What good is it to find the “perfect” house you can’t afford? Once your agent knows a real number for your price range, you will find a house.

If you have already found properties to view, prove you are serious by asking your Realtor who to use for the mortgage, then get pre-qualified. When that step is complete, you will be considered a serious buyer.

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