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Communication is of paramount importance in this business. I want my clients to know how I will be working with them.

Personally, I prefer to have an initial consultation at my office. However that is not always convenient for my client. Almost everyone has a busy lifestyle. I really find email to be the best form of contact, especially in the early stages of communication. Phone calls are extremely important, but I don’t know of anyone who answers the phone EVERY time it rings. Several states have made it an offense to talk on the phone while driving. I have seen innumerable occasions where a driver is distracted by the cell phone and not handling their car very well. My clients are my priority. I believe it is inconsiderate to place people on hold to answer an incoming call so I try to not do that. I also believe in most cases it is rude to answer the phone when I am speaking with someone face-to-face so unless I give warning that I am playing phone tag, I try to not use my phone when I am in the presence of a living, breathing person, people deserve more consideration. My point is, phone calls are important, but I know you will appreciate the courtesy I give my clients. I have not yet been in a real estate transaction which was a life and death matter. Voicemail is a very important tool, I use it in respect of my clients. If you appreciate this type of courtesy, I appreciate working with you.


General Questions:
  • How many homes can we see in a day? This is a hard question because everyone is different in what they can absorb and remember. You do NOT want to overwhelm yourself. A safe bet is usually 5-6. 
  • How many days do you typically spend on relocation house finding? I will work with you until we find the house that best fits you. 
  • Does my spouse need to be present for signing paperwork for making offers? If both names are on the mortgage, both buyers will need to sign the contract. I usually simplify this by using .pdf  and email. 
  • Does my spouse need to be there at the closing? If they are on the mortgage, they will need to sign closing documents. If one party cannot attend, there is a method of pre-signing. I have dealt with this issue before. It is not a problem when part of the plan. 
  • If we make an offer, how soon could we schedule a home inspection? Would this be the same week as obtaining an accepted offer? Once an offer is accepted, there is a time limit on doing inspections. There is a date in the contract called the “Effective Date.” It is chosen when we write the offer. Inspections must be completed within 10 days of the Effective Date unless amended in the contract. I will consult with you and write the offer accordingly before you sign it. 
  • On average, what is the ratio between asking price and final sales price? Do you have statistics on this? This is a hard question and asked frequently. If the house is priced correctly and truly ready for the market, there may not be a need to offer less than list. Clean houses do sell quickly. This is really a house-by-house determination. My experience is beneficial in this area. 
  • On average, what are the property taxes per $1,000 for the different areas we are interested in?  Does one area have a better property tax rate than others? The highest property taxes in Tulsa county are those within Tulsa city limits but in the Jenks school district. There is a site which will help with this information Tulsa County Tax Information 
  • How can we access information on foreclosed homes? Many sites require a “subscription” do you have access to these services? Can I search these websites myself? This is asked of me all the time. When a bank forecloses a property, they know they are going to get the best price by listing it with in the MLS, so they use us. When I create your search, it will contain all houses available in that price range whether REO, Bank Owned, Foreclosures, HUD’s, VA repossessions, short sales and plain ole every day houses.I always suggest the best use of time and resources is to use the web site I will create for you which gives you the most accurate results for your home search. 
  • Will we be working directly with you through the entire process? Yes, you will be working directly with me in locating the house. I will ask you to give my name to your mortgage company and give them permission for me to discuss your file with them. The mortgage process should be at the stage where the mortgage company will provide a “pre-approval” letter for us to attach with an offer. 
  • How long have you been a Realtor? I got my real estate license in 1979. After completing the required 3 years as a normal licensee, I tested and received my broker’s license. I have been a Realtor with John Hausam, Realtors since 1983. In November of 2011, John Hausam Realtors merged with Coldwell Banker Select, where I now conduct my real estate business.My experience has proven invaluable as I continue to assist people in their real estate wants and needs.     
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