How To Buy A House

Are you thinking about buying a home?

The steps are really pretty easy. The hard part is putting a plan in motion.

Well, maybe the information on this site will help.

Sometimes, we make things more difficult than they really are.

I am sure you have been through the process of looking at houses, and you have probably seen some you like. What do you do next?

Most people will try to call the number that is with the house information. However, if you are going to make a better plan, there is a different approach to consider.

The best first step is to locate your Realtor. Skeptical? Don’t leave yet. Let me tell you why this is your best first step.

When you choose your Realtor first, you are going to have some truly professional help on implementing your plan. A Realtor looks at houses as a profession, it isn’t a hobby. A Realtor has been through the process countless times, so all the subtle issues have been in previous transactions.

A Realtor will know the right questions to ask, and they will have the answers to issues you haven’t even considered.

You may think looking for the house is the first step. Well, not necessarily.

This is a partial list of the process:

  1. Find your Realtor
  2. Use your Realtor to help you determine the best loan and lender for your circumstances.
  3. Use your lender to get pre-qualified.
  4. Begin the home search.
  5. When you find your home, your Realtor will write the contract.
  6. Your Realtor will help you with all the steps that follow:
    1. Loan determination
    2. Inspections
    3. Determine the closing company.
    4. Title work.
    5. Walk through
    6. Closing

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