“I Just Saved You $153,000…”

An Extra $153,000 For You – Or Your Lender!

Just a note to let you know how I might help you, or someone you know.

It is now somewhere in the future. You are 65 years old and standing in line for the $153,000 with all the other people who are 65 and retiring that day. The line seems long and you notice that some people are walking away upset. They can’t understand why their financial advisers didn’t care enough about them to let them know this little secret. As you get closer to the man with the checks you notice that more people are walking away upset than happy. You begin to wonder if you qualify for this mystery money as well.

You finally get to the front of the line. There standing in front of you is a handsome, well-dressed man with a smile that makes you feel good all over. He then speaks directly to you. “I have a check in my hand for $153,000. This is actually your money. The question is, do you get to keep it or does it go to you lender? Please answer the following question. Did you over the course of your life make one extra payment on your mortgage each year? If the answer is yes, then the check is yours. If your answer is no, then the check will go to your mortgage servicer.” A huge smile comes upon you. You remember that Wayne Barnes taught you this little secret many years ago. The handsome man hands you the check and you experience a fond thought for Wayne and his sage advice.

Here is the secret to having $153,000 more money in your pocket when you reach age 65. Make one extra payment on your mortgage each year without fail. If you do this simple task, you will save yourself $153,000. You might as well have this money in YOUR pocket as letting the banks have it.

Visit End2Mortgage and check out this bi-weekly program. Do the math and decide. It does not matter who holds your mortgage and you won’t have to get a new loan.

Wayne Barnes

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