Is The Location Of Your House Important When Expecting A Sale?

You have heard how important location is when selling a house. Not only is this important for the safety and security of your family but also when you are ready to sell your home. Do your homework and some extensive research before you go looking for the perfect home. The home can be everything you have dreamed of in appearance, but ask yourself, is the home located in an area that is convenient to schools, shopping, and interstates?

One thing most buyers always forget to look at is will the area, not just the home itself, hold its value? You have to keep in mind that you aren’t just buying a home, you are buying a community. Many buyers focus on just the home itself, but keep in mind the area and what surrounds it can have a lot to do with the growth of your area as well as when the time comes to sell a home. Get in your car and drive around the entire area within a square mile or so. What do you see? Is there anything that concerns you? Use the internet as a tool to help discover the unknown.

You can search your potential home’s address and not only see the activity of the neighborhood itself, but surrounding neighborhoods as well. Checking the response time of the local fire and police departments are also variables that are most often overlooked. When you do find that home, I would suggest walking the neighborhood, don’t just drive it, but walk it. You will hear and see things and get a better feel. Are the neighbors friendly, are the children in the area respectful and behaved?

Does the neighborhood have a safe “feel” to it, and most of all is it clean and quiet. Drive the neighborhood at night to see the difference in activity from during the day. These are potential variables that are overlooked when buying a home. Don’t just look at price and what the home has to offer, after all price isn’t everything. You really don’t want to live next to someone who plays loud music or works with power tools until 1:00am. Nor do you want to live next to Fred Sanford, who can’t keep his yard clean.

Keep in mind, it’s not always about that “dollar” or “good deal”, it’s about you, your family and where you make your property. After all, your home is your empire.

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