Investors and Home Sellers Safest Lease to Purchase Plan

Watch this slide show then contact me.

(The slides have delays built-in to give you time to read. In other words, it may be slow but it works.)


For the Buyer (Home Buyer or Investor)

  All the benefits of home-ownership without the normal Down Payment or Loan Qualifying
  Home OWNERSHIP through a quiet assumption of ANY LOAN, with minimal due-on-sale compromise
  INCOME TAX BENEFITS – All deductions for mortgage interest and property tax are yours.
  LEGAL, SAFE AND QUIET – A “Subject-To,” without the necessity of public notification, subterfuge, secrecy or “quiet” documentation
  ASSET PROTECTION at its best (property protected best from creditor judgments, tax liens, and probate)
  PROPERTY HIDDEN from actions in bankruptcy, marital dispute, and law suits


For the Seller (The Home Seller or Landlord)

  Faster, simpler, and far Less costly disposition of the property
  DISPOSITION COSTS CURTAILED — Buyers, free of the “down payment burden,” can pay ALL, or share-in most of, the closing-costs … including RE commissions)
  PRUDENT & MOST PROFITABLE – Eliminates the need for standard renting, leasing or optioning-out
  EASY LANDLORDING – Eliminates costs of negative cash-flow, maintenance & vacancies
  TAX DEFERMENT – this transfer is a “contingent sale,” possibly deferring capital gain for years. §1031 Like Kind Tax Deferred Exchange privileges can remain intact
  ASSET PROTECTION – This may be a shield against tax-liens and creditor judgments
  THE LOGICAL WAY OUT- A marvelous alternative to the Short-Sale or Foreclosure: wholly avoiding the lender approval process, and averting tax on debt-relief and major credit injury

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