Home Maintenance Tip for Your Washer and Dryer

When you use the conveniences of home appliances, it is best to take preventative measures to keep them in good condition. If you own your home, ask me about how a Home Warranty on your appliances will probably save you money. Home Maintenance Tip – Your washer and dryer are designed to be simple to maintain, and there are a few things you can do that will prolong the life of the machines and reduce service calls.
  1. Avoid overloading the washer – an overloaded washer strains the motor and transmission, shortening their lives.
  2. Once a month, remove and clean intake screens where water-supply hoses enter the washing machine, and check water-supply hoses for splits, cracks, or bulges.
  3. Once a year, disconnect your dryer from the vent hose and wall, and thoroughly vacuum and clean the lint pipe to improve your drying efficiency and remove potentially flammable lint buildup.
  4. Once a year disconnect the washer and dryer to clean underneath and check for any small leaks or hidden maintenance problems.

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