7 Tips To Save Up To $200 A Month On Groceries…

7 Tips To Save Up To $200

A Month On Groceries…

Want to save some real money?  According to the American Express spending index, U.S. households spend an average $3,240 for groceries each year!  As you can see, food expenses represent a substantial percentage of household budgets.  So here are a few suggestions for saving hundreds on your monthly grocery bill…

  • Shop for 2 weeks at a time.  This will lessen impulse shopping and help stick to your budget.  Plan your meals, make a list, and buy accordingly.
  • Never go food shopping when you’re hungry because you’ll end up buying food that looks tempting.
  • Stay away from “prepared” foods and avoid the outer isles where these products are featured.  You may be paying up to 50% more for those “prepared” meals.
  • Using coupons can lower your grocery bill by as much as 25%.  The best coupons are located in your Sunday paper.
  • Buy store brands whenever possible.  The fancy “brand” names often make the very same food products for the store brands and the only thing you’re paying for is fancy packaging.  Buying store brands can also cut your grocery bill by as much as 25%.  And that’s big!
  • Buy extra meat when it’s on sale and store it in your freezer.
  • Don’t buy toiletries and household cleaners at the grocery store, because they charge between 10% and 15% more than the large discount stores and the “dollar” stores.

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  1. According to me, saving money is a very important factor, so we have to see all small things from which we can save a single penny. This recession applies to household expenses. Check out some ways for saving like always look for a sale, don’t use bottled water, always buy from the same shop. Evey person should inculcate the habit of savings for a brighter and secured future.

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