School Security Solution

There is a very simple solution to the issue of school security and the cost would be an absolute zero dollars (except for one option).

In my opinion, the best protector of our children is not the government, it is the parents of our children. A large number of those parents are also gun owners. I think we should put the two facts together and the school security issue is instantly resolved. Find the parents (or other citizens, particularly seniors) with guns who would be willing to volunteer to monitor the school’s hallways. Do a background check on them, give them a “school” license and let them go to work.

An added benefit to this resolution for school security would be that there would have to be no tax increases to cover the cost, parents are volunteering. There is one option to be proposed, let the government subsidize the cost of the weapon. Even with this option the expense would be far less than the options I have heard. A police presence is an expensive proposition in wasted tax dollars, manpower and use of public resources.

If you agree, pass it on. In fact, contact your Congressman. If you need contact information for your representatives, check here.

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