Selling From Another Perspective

As a prospective seller, are you burdened by being…

* Over encumbered? * Upside down in a rental property? * Faced with foreclosure or short sale? * Tired of waiting for a buyer? * Drowning in expenses on a ‘don’t wanter’? * Facing tougher monthly payments? * In need of a fast escrow? * Tired of income property management and negligent tenants? * Fed up with negative cash flow on your rentals? * Hoping to avoid assessment of probate and gift taxes upon your heirs? * In need of a legal shield against liens, judgment creditors, bankruptcy, divorce actions (even IRS tax liens)?

A truly dynamic and logical alternative to Short Sale or Foreclosure:

* Avoids any income tax on Debt Relief while averting credit record damage. * Eliminates the costly pitfalls of renting or leasing the property. * Stops the expense of negative cash flow, maintenance and vacancies. * Lessens costs of disposition, in that buyers can share in closing costs and real estate Commissions. * Circumvents income tax on capital gain. Shields all parties against tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies and marital disputes.

A safe and extremely effective and prudent way to dispose of unwanted property, or to manage Single Family Residence property.

* Sale Tax Benefits * Eliminate management and maintenance costs * Profit while someone else makes the payments and handles the maintenance and repairs * Accomplish all modes of seller-carry financing without due-on-sale violation * Legally shield the property

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