The Reason You Need to Be Active in Your House Search

The Tulsa Metro real estate market - 6/5/2015You were smart in letting me create a house search for you on the MLS.

However, you may be frustrated because the houses you like the best just keep disappearing from your list.

There is a reason for this. It seems that, at  the moment,,the Tulsa Metro area seems to be experiencing what is usually called "a seller's market.".The cause of a seller's market resulsts from an increase in demand while there is a decrease in inventory. Take a look at the picture and you can see today's market activity.

While 104 properties came on the market, there were 107 properties which went OFF of the market. This is the current pattern.

If I have a search set up for you, watch your email daily. You receive an email when a property comes on the market which matches your criteria. When you see something you like, call me as soon as possible so appointments can be made. 

If you don't have your MLS search created, or if it is giving you the wrong kind of results, contact me so we can rectify any issues.




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