Tulsa Real Estate Market is Alive and Well!

Wow, Tulsa area real estate seems to be very, very active again.

I just spoke with a client who has a house for sale in the Boston area. They said the house has had no activity for months, then last week a flurry of activity and a contract!

That seems to be happening in Tulsa also. There is a small group of us in my Tulsa office who meet weekly to mentor each other. We are all busier now than we have been in months. I don’t think it is just the weather, though the weather is wonderful.

I thought the tax stimulus was going to be more of an incentive to buyers, but I was proven wrong. There are a lot of people on my list who aren’t going to take advantage of it. However, it really is not too late, the lights aren’t out yet. Call me if you want to get under contract by April 30th!!

Part of the change in real estate may be from some other good news in the state. I heard a report that sales tax revenue was up 25%. So people are back to buying bigger ticket items which means more confidence in the economy.

If you are considering something in real estate, be sure to call me, and send your friends. I appreciate the business, it is how I make my living.
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REAL ESTATE CYBER TIPS                   APRIL  2010

CYBER TRICK #1  Easy Restore Point Maker.

CYBER TRICK #2  Fix Your Photos Fast – And Easy.

GREAT PLACE #1  Watch Movies And TV On-line – Free.

GREAT PLACE #2  How Do You Pronounce That Name?

~~~~~   CYBER MAGIC TRICKS ~~~~~~~

*********************** ********************************

TRICK #1 Easy Restore Point Maker.



Whenever you install new software or tweak any of your comport system files it’s a pretty good idea to create a restore point. But because this takes a few minutes many users blow this chore off.  Bad idea.
Just download this little gem and create a short cut. Then anytime you start messing with your system you can just click the shortcut and a short few seconds later your restore point has been created. Then if the new program or tweak creates havoc with your system you can simply restore it to its previous condition and go merrily on your way.
Oh ‘ya – it’s on the house.

TRICK#2  Fix Your Photos Fast – And Easy.



Ever struggle with a big, complicated and expensive photo editing program only to give up on what could have been a fun editing project? If so we’ve found the place to go.
This neat site allows you to upload your photos quickly and easily edit them. Remove red eye, blemishes – even tell tale wrinkles. They’ll think you took a 10 week graphics course. It’s so easy there’s no manual required.
And best of all it is entirely complimentary.


~~~~~ GREAT PLACES ~~~~~


GREAT PLACE #1  Watch Movies And Tv On-line – Free.



Did you miss last weekends episode of “House” – or “24” – or “Lost” – or whatever gets your adrenalin flowing? Here’s the ultimate resource to get you watching whatever movie or series you want — instantly.
This great place contains more than 600,000 episodes, from over 10,000 shows plus  20,000 movies, and 80,000 music videos from 20,000 artists. These folks  help you stay on top of what programs are available online and offline, organizing them for you, and recommending gems that meet your fastidious taste.
You can view many of the selections without cost-and the rest are pretty reasonable considering the ease and convenience provided.

GREAT PLACE #2   How Do You Pronounce That Name.



How many times have you mispronounced the name of a new acquaintance or valued business prospect? Even after you search desperately for help with the pronunciation of a new name – you often come a day late and a penny short and this doesn’t cut it,  especially in today’s international business environment.
This great place comes to the rescue and instead of addressing “Mr. Dumass” as “Mr Dumb-ass” you can come through with flying colors instead of getting off on the wrong foot.
This is worth bookmarking. Sometime along the road it could save your day.



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