What Do I Do When I Know Multiple Realtors?

I received an email from one of my clients. It read:

“I did not tell a friend we were looking….They came right out and asked us if we were looking and now they are sending us info, without asking.

This was exactly why I did not mention it to anyone else. (I have several friends who are Realtors.)”

I find this situation happens frequently so I thought I would comment on it. This was my response:

Knowing multiple Realtors can be frustrating.

I am not sure if you are asking for advice, but if i may give some advice. The Realtor you choose should have access to the MLS so they will have information on any listing. Your Realtor can help you with any house that is for sale, it does not matter whose sign is in the yard, or if it is a builder, an open house or a FSBO.  In my opinion, the best practice for your peace of mind is to choose the Realtor you would like to work with and tell all others you have made a choice and will be working with that one Realtor. This should remove the pressure from the other Realtors whom you did not choose. It will also reveal the character of the Realtor you didn’t choose. If they get abusive with you, that will reveal  something about that person.

In my practice, I would much rather someone choose one Realtor and just tell me I am not their Realtor of choice. It is much better than when I do my best to work with someone and then find they have bought a house using someone else’s services. I always wonder, “What did I do wrong?” when in actuality I did not do anything wrong, I was just deceived. That makes me feel used, which is not pleasant.

Does that make sense? I hope it helps.

With that information, I would like to say that I would really love to be your Realtor of choice. I hope you find it helpful to use the web site I created for you which gives the listings that match your search criteria.

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