When you list your property

Each day ERA One-Click Away brings more people to ERA.com from search engines, such as Google.com or Altavista.com.

These people are looking to educate themselves on the real estate market, as well as find their ideal home.

In fact, eighty-five percent of the listings viewed on ERA.com have a photo attached. Are you missing the opportunity to show your home to these consumers?

I use a plethora of Internet tools to give maximum exposure to my listings.

When consumers click on the Neighborhood tab on your listing page at ERA.com, they get more information than ever before about the area where the home is located, covering the following topics:

    Household make up
    Environmental Conditions

A map showing schools and local attractions, such as airports, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping locations and museums, appears on the same page.

I am not the “Marketing Maniac” for naught.

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